How to Enjoy Vaping Without Nicotine

Matt Wallace
Aug. 20, 2018
by Matt Wallace

no nicotine vaping

Vaping has become an extremely popular trend in society over the past few years and will be on the rise for years to come. With vaping comes a multitude of concerns, such as the amount of nicotine being consumed with each hit. Because this has become such a concern, people of the vaping community have looked into many different ways to enjoy vaping without worrying about the amount of nicotine that is being consumed per hit.


Why are people considering vaping without nicotine?


If you’re part of the vaping community, there is no doubt that you have tried a juice that contains nicotine. Though this may be true, not every single juice has nicotine in it. People who use vaping as an alternative to smoking, where nicotine is a present factor, switching to an e-juice that is free of nicotine is probably not the safest choice. It has nothing to do with what it actually will do to your body, it’s the fact that you will actually turn back to cigarettes due to nicotine withdrawals. Some former smokers actually want to give up on nicotine completely.


Switching to a juice with no nicotine at a slow pace is key. If you spent a lot of time smoking, your body is used to a high nicotine intake, which means it could have a bad reaction or you could go back to smoking regular cigarettes instead of smoking e cigs without nicotine. Even vaping with a juice that has nicotine in it will do less harm than actually smoking a cigarette. So, if you are interested in slowly switching to a smaller amount of nicotine, it’s best to slowly work your way down and decrease the intake of nicotine each time.


Not everyone wants to drop nicotine, because they are content with what they are getting out of it. The people who do want to completely give up nicotine because it’s a way to let go of their old habits of smoking. Starting to cut out your nicotine will help you in the long run. If you are someone who has the desire to quit smoking overall, lowering the intake of nicotine will help the process become easier. Quitting cold turkey will not always be easy, so it’s better to attempt to switch to a non-nicotine juice or a juice with a very low nicotine content when starting on the journey to quitting. It is also a safer way for your body to adjust to the lack of nicotine.



Not everyone who tries vaporizers is an ex-smoker. These people are drawn to the appeal of vaping for many different reasons. Movies and tv shows have the capability to make smoking look cool without mentioning the harmful effects. Vaping is a much safer option. Using nicotine-free juice is easier if you are not already a smoker. Vaping without nicotine will be harder for those who are addicted to smoking or have previously been addicted to smoking.





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