What is the Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking?

Matt Wallace
Mar. 20, 2018
by Matt Wallace

There are many ways to quit smoking, but not all of them can show high success rates. Many people are searching to find an effective way to quit smoking but struggle to find a method that works for them. Each method will work different for everyone, and not everyone will have the same results. Ultimately, the success rate that comes with quitting is based on your amount of willpower and many different factors that influence daily life. What are some of the most successful ways to stop smoking?

effective way to quit smoking

Nicotine Replacement


The most success is seen when using any form of nicotine therapy rather than using anything else. Examples of nicotine therapy include nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, or anything else that could be considered nicotine therapy.


With this, the amount of nicotine going into your body will be reduced. Each day you can decrease the amounts of nicotine you are taking in and get rid of the nicotine and the replacement. With this, your body is able to slowly cut back on the number of cigarettes that you smoke without having to cut them completely out of your life instantly. It’s certainly not the safest way to completely cut smoking out of your life, but it has been the best method for the most people.


Trigger Avoidance


Among people who smoke, there are very specific triggers that can set them off, which will lead to an upbringing of previously pushed away cravings towards cigarettes. Triggers can be stressful for a lot of people.


When quitting, these triggers will become more present in everyday life and will become extremely powerful. The most crucial way to make sure that you never have cravings is to make sure that these triggers don’t influence you when they come about. To do this, avoid situations where you feel like you need to smoke. Whenever you feel like you need to smoke, distract yourself with other activities so that you do not resort to old habits.


For people who usually smoke while they talk on the phone, one of the ways to help your habit is to write and scribble on a notebook or a sheet of paper so that you have something to do instead of smoking. This will be extremely beneficial to helping lessen your habit of smoking,


Cold Turkey


One of the most beneficial ways to helping people quit smoking is quitting cold turkey. Even though it may seem hard to believe, the people who have had success by quitting cold turkey is to make a promise to themselves and being able to follow through with said promise that they have made. Based on statistics, about 80% of people that have had success by quitting smoking have had so much success because they have quit smoking completely. To quit cold turkey, it is important that you have a plan in place so that you can follow through with it and remain successful. One of the most important steps in quitting cold turkey is making sure that you have a stable support system.


People who have surrounded themselves with a positive support system have shared their plans with their support system so that the group of people that they trust with helping the process of quitting smoking can keep them accountable. Some of the most important steps in sharing these things with your support system are willpower, constant reminders about the reason for quitting and the reason why quitting is important to them, and to ensure a healthy and stable wellbeing for the ones they care about.





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