Does E Juice Freeze?

Matt Wallace
Jan. 5, 2018
by Matt Wallace

As no part of the country is exempt from cold weather now that we’re half-way into winter, many vapers may be wondering, “Does e juice freeze if left in the cold for too long?” Whether you’re worried about it freezing in the mail, in your car, or during your outdoor winter excursions, rest assured that it takes extremely low temperatures for e-juice to freeze.

does e juice freeze


The Science Behind Freezing Points

If you remember from elementary school science class, water freezes at 33 degrees Fahrenheit. E-juice, however, doesn’t contain water. Instead, most e-juice brands are comprised of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), or some combination of the two. Pure PG has a melting point of -74 degrees F, so a freezing point is going to be much lower than that. VG freezes at -36 degrees F, with a melting point of 64 degrees F. However, most e-juices contain flavorings and nicotine, which will affect the freezing temperatures of the solutions. Usually below 10 degrees F is where these solutions start to harden into inoperable structures.


E-juices with higher VG content need warmer temperatures to function properly, while e-juices with higher PG content can operate fine at lower temperatures. If you plan on using a vape pen while skiing or doing other winter activities outside, try experimenting with different percentages of VG/PG levels in your e-juice beforehand. The higher the PG levels are, the lower the freezing point will be. However, you may experience harsher throat hits as well. Adjust 10% at a time until you find the right balance.



You may find that after sitting in the mail or in your car overnight, your e-juice will seem a little thicker than normal. Even if it hasn’t reached its freezing point, e-juice will thicken in colder temperatures. Although, it won’t expand like water, so you won’t have to worry about your tank bursting under pressure. The thicker juice may make wicking a little more difficult, and slow down your vaping session. However, some models of vape pens will still operate in cold temperatures. Another factor to take into consideration is how the battery will be affected by the cold. Just as car batteries face difficulty starting in extremely cold weather, you may discover that your vape pen does as well. Best practice is to allow the battery to warm up to room temperature before operating a vape pen.


Purposefully Freezing E-Juice

Some vapers purposefully freeze their e-juice to make it last longer. Although there aren’t any long-term studies showing how this affects flavor, there is little to no change in the quality of the e-juice after it’s been frozen and thawed. Luckily, this means if your e-juice accidentally freezes in the mail or in your car, you can simply unthaw it to room temperature and use it as normal. Remember, VG has a melting point of 64 degrees F, so you will need to warm it at least to that temperature to get it to its full liquid state.






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