Dry Herb Vaping Tips

Matt Wallace
Jan. 8, 2018
by Matt Wallace

Dry Herb Vaping Tips for Beginners and Advanced Users

tips for dry herb vaping

Vaping is not only for e-juice and oils, but can be a satisfying experience with dry herbs as well. Vaping with dry herbs isn’t difficult as long as you have the right equipment and the proper technique. Here are five simple dry herb vaping tips you can utilize the next time you get a craving for some herb.


  1. Use proper equipment. There are two basic vape pen designs on the market today: ones that use convection heat and ones that use conduction heat. Think of convection like an oven. The food doesn’t touch the heating elements, but it still cooks from the surrounding heat. Convection pens are like a stovetop. The coils come in contact with the food, or a pan holding the food, until it has been cooked thoroughly.


If you are vaping herbs with a conduction styled pen, separate the herb from the coils to ensure that all parts of the herb are evenly used. If it is touching the coils, the parts coming in direct contact are more likely to start combusting, while the inner parts won’t get used at all. Save yourself some herb and use a screen with conduction pens. Glass screens and filters are used most commonly as they don’t interfere with the flavor of the herb.


  1. Prepare the herb. First, you will want to choose herb that isn’t too wet, but doesn’t crumble in your hands either. A healthy green stash that grinds easily is a good balance for vaping. Next, grind your herb evenly before packing it into your chamber. The more surface area the herb has to contact with the heat, then the more the product will be used effectively. Quality grinders are the best way to get evenly sized grounds at the right level of fineness. Too fine, and you may inhale some herb with each breath. Too coarse, or packed too tightly, and the less room the heat has to flow through the device.


  1. Select the right temperature. Different products have different temperature requirements for optimum vaporization. Dry herb works best in the mid to high 300 degrees F range. Lower temperatures can offer you more flavor, but you may not extract all of the product. Higher temperatures will give you a harsher throat hit, but they do ensure maximum potency. Once you go above 400 degrees F, you’re in danger of combusting your herb, the very thing you’re trying to avoid by using a vape pen. Combusting produces smoke and all of the carcinogenic effects that come with it. Avoid combusting as much as you can. Finding the ideal temperature for you may take some experimentation, but we recommend starting around 350 degrees F and adjusting from there.


  1. Inhale slowly. Those who are used to water pipes may find an adjustment period when switching to vape pens. They don’t require large, quick hits, so slow it down and enjoy each breath. Pulling too hard can also affect the quality of your session by lowering the temperature of the drag and accidentally pulling herb through to the mouthpiece. Think of it like sipping a nice glass of shot rather than shooting a cheap shot of whiskey. You’re here to enjoy the full flavor of the herb in a drawn-out experience with the same end results.


  1. Clean, clean, clean. If you want a quality experience every time you use your vape pen, clean it after every use. Herbs can drip extract onto your coils and make the inside of your device sticky. The longer it sits, the harder it becomes to clean later. Coils are especially important to clean since they will burn the residue and greatly change the flavor of your next vape. If you have too much residue built up on your coils, it’s best to just replace them. Coils will eventually need replacing after heavy use, and it’s best to use the manufacturers guidelines for proper replacement times.


Pipe cleaners and cotton swabs are great tools for cleaning the inside of a vape pen. You can use a specialized cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol for internal maintenance. Gently swab the dirty areas, and don’t ever dump cleaning solution into the pen. Also, avoid using water as this can lead to rusting of the internal metal parts. Heating up your empty pen may help loosen extremely stuck on residue. Just be careful not to burn yourself on the sizzling parts. Lastly, remove and sanitize your mouthpiece before using again.





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