Why Every Dabber Needs a Dab Pen: What They Are & What They Do

Vaping Guru
Dec. 7, 2016
by Vaping Guru

You can dab without a dab pen, but if you do, then you have to:

  • Deal with a blow torch while high, if you’re using a dab rig or even a health stone. This can be extremely dangerous.
  • Pay big bucks if you decide to get an electric nail, which isn’t very portable.
  • Risk getting too high because of the uncertain concentration being inhaled.

On the other hand, if you do use a dab pen (sometimes referred to as wax pen or concentrate pen), all these hassles go out the window. All you have to do is load your pen, and start vaping.

Dab vape pens are affordable, convenient, and very elegant. But even these pens come with a little hassle, and understanding the newest gadgets based on cutting-edge tech can be a pain.

The truth is, the vaping world is very tech savvy, and different gadgets are built to perform different functions. Dab pens are among the most-used devices in the world of vaping, and understanding them and how they work will help ensure that you are better positioned to make a good choice.

What is a dab pen?

A dab pen is a vaporizer pen specifically designed to vape cannabis concentrates. A regular dab pen comes with atomizers, coils for heating the material and mouthpiece, which you inhale through to get the vapor. Dab pens come in all shapes and sizes, and their diversity and availability contribute to their popularity.

Who are dab pens meant for?

Dab pens are used for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, and are commonly used by medical marijuana users and heavy recreational users. The wax pen is perfect if you prefer vaping on the go because it is discrete and highly portable.

Dab pen buying guide

Only knowing the kind of vaping device that you need to buy is not enough. You need to know the qualities of a good dab pen, especially if you’re buying your first one, and what features are more important.


To ensure you buy a high-quality dab pen, you should consider the following factors:

Portability: This plays a critical role in the device’s function as a dab pen. The device needs to be portable and lightweight. Otherwise, the device would be better known as a dabbing rig. Ideally, the pen should be comfortable for you to use and easy to conceal and carry around.

Battery life: The battery life is going to dictate just how portable your dab pen is. It should be significant enough to allow you enjoy a couple of sessions. If not, it should at least be able to last a couple of hours. The best way to approach this factor is to consider how often you intend to be using your vaporizer pen.

Charging options: Even though most dab pens are recharged via USB, manufacturers over the years have gotten creative and have options like adapters for your car and plugs that you can use to charge the device from a wall outlet. The more the options you have, the better since that means you’re less likely to run out of charge.

Attachments: Not all dab pens will come with this feature. However, accessories can make all the difference when it comes to your vaping experience. For instance, if you prefer fresh and smooth vapor, having a water vapor pen that features a glass water pipe attachment will enhance that experience. Other attachments include a glass globe attachments, which allow the user to see the vapor form.

Materials: When it comes to the materials, you need to consider them carefully, especially when it comes to the plate. A good dab pen like the WASP Wax Vape Pen has a ceramic plate. Not only is the plate durable, but it also happens to be very efficient in heating. You should also consider the finish of the product – it should not only be appealing, but should also able to stand the test of time.

Warranty: Any good dab pen is backed by a solid warranty. The warranty is proof that a company trusts their own products and can deliver as promised. A good example is the Keymaker Wax Vaporizer Pen. There are some companies that offer money-back guarantees, but these are not common in the wax pen market.


Once you have been able to identify a high-quality dab pen, you also need to know which features to keep an eye out for. There are many, many features, but not all of them can be put on a single device. You’ll need to be selective with your features.

Vapor quality: The dab pen you’re using must be able to provide the vapor clouds that you’re looking for. You’ll need to consider the wattage capability and coil material.

Variability: Even on the move, you should be able to customize your vaping session. Sometimes you’ll want more vapor, and other times you’ll want more flavor. Having a flexible dab pen will allow you to enjoy more without having to buy another pen.

Price: It would be a lie to say that dab pens are cheap – since they aren’t – but some models are more affordable than others. If you can afford to spend more on a better, more feature-packed option, then go ahead. Otherwise, the price should be within your budget, and should leave room for the materials you will use with the pen.

How to choose a good dab pen?

The golden rule for choosing a good dab pen is to search far and wide. Luckily, with online shops, the searching has been made much easier. You’ll need to consider what features you would like your preferred dab pen to have. From there, you can pick the pen that comes closest to meeting your demands.

Dab pens have become a very popular way of vaping and especially with cannabis concentrates. Many have had the chance to enjoy all the exploits that the dab pens have to offer. They are a great tool to have and use especially if you’re the kind of person who likes taking your fun with you wherever you go.





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