Cleaning Your Vape Mod Tank

Matt Wallace
Nov. 20, 2017
by Matt Wallace

As of recently, vape mods have been a huge hit worldwide. They serve many different purposes, and they have become super trendy among many people. It’s important that those who vape know the importance of how important cleaning a vape mod tank is and how to do it. It’s important that you clean your tank regularly, so that you keep your tank working very well and keep the flavors of the juice you are putting in your tank. Cleaning a tank is not something that takes a lot of time, and you don’t have to own any fancy tools to clean it. How do you clean a tank, though?

how to clean vape mods


How To Clean Your Tank

  • No matter how old it is, you need to take your tank apart, which includes removing small things that hold the tank together, such as the o-rings and screws. If you need to, draw a diagram or take a picture before you start to remove parts of the tank, so that you can remember where everything goes.
  • Use a container that is clean, use an alcohol solution of 90% to clean all of the parts you took apart by putting them into the solution. Once you take them out, rinse them off to ensure that you get rid of extra oils
  • Empty the container that you used to rinse the parts in alcohol and fill it with warm water, in order to cover every part. You’re going to want to add dish soap and mix it with the water. To mix it, use a spare stirring utensil. It’s important that you let the parts sit for as long as the manufacturer of the tank suggests.
  • Once the soaking is done, take a spare toothbrush and gently clean each part. Making sure that you pay close attention to the parts inside where air will be flowing through.
  • Now that the parts are all rinsed off, lay them to dry on a cloth or towel. Most manufacturers suggest that you use microfiber, as it is the best cloth to use when cleaning a tank.
  • The next step is to assemble the atomizer and put all of the parts together. This is where the picture that you took earlier will come in handy, so that you can ensure that you put each part back together the way it should be. Putting it together correctly is crucial, both for the safety of the mod and for your own safety.
  • Next, properly lube you o-rings. Once you do that, continue to assemble the vape mod in the correct way. Also, it’s important to in a new coil, so you’re not tasting the same gross flavor as before.



The entire process is really simple. It is important that you remember that you need to keep a good grip on your tank, so you don’t drop it. It is also important that once you clean your tank, you check the tank weekly to make sure that your cell connections are still good. It’s very important that you check for burns and corrosion, so you can properly deal with that immediately.





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