How to Choose the Best Vape Juice

Matt Wallace
May. 2, 2018
by Matt Wallace

choose the best e juice

How do you choose the best vape juice? This is a question we get asked a lot at Mig Vapor. There’s no simple answer to this question. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose what’s right for your individual needs and preferences. Read on to learn about the ingredients in vape juice, the right nicotine content, the best flavors, and more.

All About PG/VG and Nicotine

When shopping for vape juice, you’ll notice that a lot of them have different PG/VG content and nicotine levels. Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing your PG/VG Ratio

One of the first things people usually ask is, “What does ‘PG/VG ratio’ mean?” We know it can seem confusing, so we’re here to shed some light on the subject!

Depending on the vaping device they use and their own personal preferences, most vapers have a favorite PG/VG ratio. It’s different for everybody. However, a 50/50 blend—half PG and half VG—is a very common ratio. Most of Mig Vapor’s e-Juices are a 50/50 blend, since it seems to work best for the majority of people.

Both PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are odorless and colorless liquids. They’re the base for nearly every type of e-juice, in varying ratios. Though PG and VG have the same purpose, there are some differences. Here’s everything you need to know about PG and VG in vape juice:

About PG (Propylene Glycol) in Vape Juice

  • Propylene glycol is a petroleum by-product that is found in lots of everyday items: medicines, makeup, lotion shampoo, baby wipes, and more.
  • Studies show that it’s safe for both oral and topical use. Some fear that it is toxic because it comes from petroleum, but this is not true.
  • Though it’s not toxic to humans, it IS toxic to cats—so don’t let your furry friend ingest any e-juice.
  • PG is a thinner substance and avoids leaving behind sticky buildup on your vape device.
  • PG can allow more of a throat hit from the nicotine to come through.
  • Most people find that PG allows a stronger, more intense flavor to come through.
  • You won’t have as big of vapor clouds when you use higher PG ratios.
  • Higher PG liquids can get a burned flavor at high heats.
  • It is possible to have a sensitivity to PG. Since it seems to depend on the individual, you should play around with ratios if vaping seems to be causing allergies, dry mouth, or breathing problems.
  • As long as you don’t have a sub ohm vape mod and you’re not sensitive to it, it’s likely that you’ll be very happy with a vape juice with a higher PG content.

About VG (Vegetable Glycerin) in Vape Juice

  • Vegetable glycerin is derived from vegetable oil, and it’s often found in foods, toothpaste, soap, lotion, makeup, deodorant, mousse, and more.
  • It is known as a safe and benign substance.
  • VG has a high resistance to heat.
  • High VG e-juice is meant for sub ohm vape mods. Sub ohm vape devices are usually used by advanced vapers to increase the power output and create more vapor or flavor.
  • If you want big fluffy clouds of vapor, a sub ohm device and some high VG e-liquid is a great way to create that effect.
  • Some people report that high VG juice is better for those with allergies, because PG can occasionally cause allergic reactions such as throat tingling. However, others report the opposite. It just depends on the individual.
  • VG is very thick, and it can cause some gunky buildup on your device that you’ll have to clean off.
  • VG has a bit of a sweet taste to it, so most of the time, candy-flavored vape juice will have a good amount of VG in it.
  • You can find Mig Vapor’s High VG Red Line E-Juice here. Our high VG line contains some of our most delicious blends, like Dragons Blood Cheesecake, Fruity Cereal, and Caribbean Freeze—plus more!

How to Choose the Right Nicotine Content

E-juices come in a variety of nicotine strengths. Different brands offer different options, though most brands will give you several nicotine levels to choose from when you purchase your favorite flavor. Bottles of vape juice are labeled with their nicotine levels, so it’s easy to find one that’s best suited to your individual needs and preferences.

Many people want to reduce their nicotine intake for health reasons. With traditional cigarettes, this is hard to do—but with vape juice, it’s very easy! Simply start out by purchasing an e-juice with a higher nicotine level, and gradually work your way down to the level you’re comfortable with. This can greatly reduce or even eliminate nicotine withdrawal symptoms. If you want, you can even work your way all the way down to nicotine-free while still getting the benefits of smoking.

When you visit the Mig Vapor E-Juice Bar, you’ll have the ability to choose from the following nicotine levels:

  • 0 mg/mL (nicotine-free)
  • 3 mg/mL (low nicotine)
  • 6 mg/mL (low nicotine)
  • 12 mg/mL (medium nicotine)
  • 18 mg/mL (high nicotine)
  • 24 mg/mL (high nicotine)


Some brands offer even higher nicotine levels, but these nicotine levels will suit the vast majority of people.

In short, your own dependence on nicotine will determine the level you want to purchase. If you plan to infuse the vape juice on your own with your herb of choice, you’ll want to get the nicotine-free option.

Get Your Preferred PG/VG Ratio and Nicotine Strength with the E-Juice Bar

As mentioned above, the E-Juice Bar is a great way to mix up your preferred flavors with the right level of nicotine, the right PG/VG ratio, and your preferred size of bottle. The virtual mixing process is fun and easy, and you can even name your creation! Once you’ve placed your order, Mig Vapor will mix your vape juice to your exact specifications and send it right to your door.

All About E-Liquid Flavors

Here’s the really fun part—flavors!

Should I Choose a Blend or Single Flavor Vape Juice?

Which is better: blends or single flavors? Only you can answer that question. Both blends and single flavors prove to be very popular! Nothing beats the simplicity of a standard flavor like strawberry or vanilla, but at the same time, blends are definitely among our favorite picks because they are interesting enough to smoke all day long.

Contrary to popular belief, single flavors are far from boring and one-note. If basic vanilla isn’t your thing, Mig Vapor’s single flavors include choices inspired by cereals, candies, sodas, desserts, and more.

“Blend” just means that there are several distinct flavors mixed together, like our all-day blend Volcano Lava Juice, which is a delicious and complex mixture of strawberry, pineapple, coconut, and cream flavors. Choose whatever sounds good to YOU!

One more tip: if you are just trying a flavor for the first time or if you want to try out lots of different flavors, buy a smaller bottle (like 15 ML) just in case you don’t end up loving it. Once you find the flavors you love, you can stock up and buy one of our large 60 or 120 mL bottles, to ensure you won’t run out of your favorite flavor for a LONG time!

You won’t run out of options when you shop Mig Vapor flavors. Here are some of our top flavor categories. It’s hard to go wrong, but we’ve selected a few of our favorite varieties to help you make your decision.

Vape Juice with the Familiar Flavor of Tobacco

Tobacco flavored vape juice is one of the most popular ways to transition off of traditional cigarettes. It’s a familiar flavor, so the cravings won’t hit as hard if you’re just transitioning off a cigarette habit. Plus, most smokers just enjoy the taste. You can get a variety of single tobacco flavors such as our smooth, light Sahara flavor. Or you can choose from some really fun blends, like Vimanna —a delicious and 100% unique e-juice blend that combines the fruity flavors of strawberries, pomegranate, raspberry, and kiwi with a touch of tobacco flavor added. Find all of Mig Vapor’s tobacco flavors and blends here.

Vape Juice with a Blast of Mint

Love the fresh mintiness of a menthol cigarette? The cool, icy sensation is hard to beat. However, we’ve found that a lot of e-juices unfortunately fall short in the menthol department. We strove to change all that with our menthol blends! Choose from the strawberry mango-flavored Caribbean Freeze, the icy coffee flavor of the Mocha Mint Rehab, or the classic flavors of peppermint or breath-freshening spearmint. You can even get just plain ol’ menthol (this is hands-down the best menthol vape juice we have tried!) Find all of Mig Vapor’s menthol vape juices here.

vapor juice

Vape Juice That Tastes Like the Best Meal of the Day

Tobacco flavors aren’t for you? We’d venture to guess that Breakfast is more up your alley! You enjoy breakfast flavors all day with these delicious vape juice flavors. There are few things better than a big bowl of sugary cereal, and our breakfast vape juices encapsulate that flavor perfectly. Popular ones include Fruity Loops and Coco Chocolate. The Belgian Waffle flavor is delicious too, and it’s fun to load up with your favorite “toppings” in the E-Juice Bar! Browse all the breakfast-inspired options Mig has to offer.

Vape Juice With Your Favorite Fruity Flavors

Fruit-flavored e-liquids are immensely popular for a reason—they’re simply delicious! What’s your favorite fruity flavor? Watermelon, banana, strawberry, blueberry, melon, mango, peach, pineapple? We’ve got you covered with all these flavors and more! If you want to try a fun blend, Dragon Fruit Melon is a really unique and interesting one, and just about everyone loves the creamy, orange-and-vanilla flavor of our delicious Orange Dream. Shop all of Mig Vapor’s fruity options here.

Vape Juice Inspired by Delicious Baked Goods

Do you love cupcakes, cheesecake, pie, donuts—or all of the above? You’ll find great dessert options ranging from sweet and simple Vanilla to our syrupy, buttery-flavored Stuffed French Toast. All our dessert flavors are smooth, creamy, and sweet for a zero-calorie treat option. Hopefully, these yummy flavors will satisfy your dessert cravings and keep you from reaching for another cupcake! Find all of Mig Vapor’s dessert vape juices here.

Candy-Inspired Vape Juices

Looking for a healthier way to indulge in your favorite candies? Whether you like fruity candies like Skittles, Sweet Tarts, and gummies; or you prefer classic candies like caramel, butterscotch and bubble gum, we’ve got lots of choices for you. We even have a sweet and tart Sour Lemon Brain flavor for those of you who like that extra-sour kick. Find Mig Vapor’s sweet treat flavors here.

Vape Juices That Taste Like Your Favorite Drink

Most of us have a favorite beverage that we wish we could drink all day long! Whether that’s coffee, an energy drink, an alcoholic beverage, or a soda flavor, you can find a vape juice that lets you indulge without the caffeine, sugar, or alcohol. For something sweet and nostalgic, we love the Root Beer Float flavor. The Red Can Energy e-juice tastes just like the energy-boosting drink. Or, you can get back to childhood with the delicious Grape Drink flavor. Find all the beverage-inspired options that Mig Vapor has to offer here.

The Best Vape Juice

If you’ve read through this whole guide, we hope you have a good idea of the best PG/VG ratios, nicotine content, and flavors for you. But the only way to find out for sure is to try out some vape juice! We’re sure you’ll find flavors you love in our extensive online shop. Plus, you’ll find the best devices to go along with your e-juice. Happy shopping!





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