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MigVapor’s Guide to Nicotine

If you smoke or vape, you should know a few things about nicotine. You probably know that it’s an ingredient in cigarettes and
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Feb. 18, 2018
by Matt Wallace

Vaping Like A Pro

In the world of vape, many people who take part in vaping are constantly looking for different ways to make their experience way more fun and way more exciting. The vape world has been founded on the idea that there is always something to do with vape that is considered new and exciting. What are ...
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Feb. 12, 2018
by Matt Wallace

Switching to E Cigs Could Save 6 Million Smokers

Smoking has killed many people in recent history. Largely due to lung failure, smoking has always been something known to get in the way of people’s quantity of life and quality of life. Researchers in the past have been looking for ways to prevent the number of deaths from smoking from increasing, ...
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Feb. 3, 2018
by Matt Wallace

Smokers Save Money by Switching to Vaping

Tobacco has been around for thousands of years. Within the last few hundred years smoking it became the primary form of consumption. Cigarettes have grown wildly popular. They have become a staple in our society representing social standing and good character. However, within the last few ...
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Jan. 30, 2018
by Matt Wallace




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