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Sep. 28, 2018
by Vaping Guru

viero health and Mig Vapor




My awakening to the reality of cancer and its effects on human beings.

It all started about a year ago. I went to the office as usual, coffee in hand. I began checking my emails and then, there it was. The subject read  “Mig Vapor, can you help make with a device to assist cancer patients?”

It was a letter from Vireo New York. It was written by a manager there named Ashna. In the letter she described the cancer patients they work with, and issues they had. You see, unbenounced to me,  many cancer patients have dexterity issues and it has debilitated many of them from normal motor functions that we take for granted.



The Problem facing these people, the feeling of pain and helplessness


Ashna went into great detail about how patients with stage 4 cancer and other neurological conditions, including PTSD and many other disorders have caused a loss of dexterity in their hands.

She explained to me,

“Many patients use Cannabis Oils to relieve  symptoms of shakes, lack of hunger, and many other paralyzing conditions that in turn devastate these people everywhere. This includes the inability to open containers and specifically to fill an oil vape pen with the essential oils needed to comfort these strong people fighting for their lives.”



Vireo Health New York seeks Mig Vapor for the solution

Ashna explained that many of the people that have dexterity issues, absolutely cannot fill the micro vape pens with thick oil. They asked if we could develop an oil vape pen for them to conquer these dehumanizing side effects. The idea that they can take care of themselves, even with this small action of filling a pen by themself  is a great achievement to being self dependent, having these conditions.

Ashna explained what they needed. She explained that the opening in the micro vape pens and cartridges were simply to small for them to aim the filling tube into the cartridge. They could not do it by themselves and had to have someone assist them to fill these tanks. Unfortunately not everyone  is lucky enough to have someone there to help when it’s needed.


The challenge: To design and create an innovative pen, for a noble cause.

I kindly told her we would absolutely take it as a challenge to make Vireo Dispensary a  vape pen for cancer patients as well as patients with numerous neurological conditions including PTSD for our Military veterans with PTSD.  Immediately, I assembled my team of researchers from Miami to China as well as my associates in LA and New York.

It was about 6 months from the conception of the idea to production of the unit, with so many people on board to assist. First we came up with the concept of a much wider pen, yet still small by every measure. We designed a top that is easily removable, and an opening 1/2 inch. This made it easy for the people we sent test items to that suffered these conditions. We had to see that they could open and fill it. We then decided to make a coil that’s easily replaceable, a concept that doesn’t exist in these types of pens. They were all disposable before.

After numerous conversations with the great ladies of Vireo Health continued offering more ideas. One in particular was that some people, even those facing terminal conditions, felt like they were doing something wrong, as many of them were raised with conservative beliefs thinking Cannabis was wrong or dirty.

We came up with a clever magnetic cap rendering the form of the device benign. It looked sweet, nice, not dirty. It didn’t even look like a vape pen. Our hopes were to rebel against the past stigma of marijuana use. Its for the good of their condition of life.   

    As we were almost ready to send to market one more issue arose. Many of these people do not have sufficient funds to continue to buy these. We had a late night pow wow and came up with the idea of replaceable coils. This way they can buy 1 pen and then after many fills as the coil begins to fade, add a new coil without losing more than a drop of the oil in their original tank. 


The Idea to create a solution from the kind people at Vireo, has become a reality.

Mig Introduces The BUG RX  , The “one of a kind” loving gentile sleek vape.


Mig Vapor Bug RX for Thick Oils

  • Disclaimer-these products are only intended for legal herbs when and where applicable.


Special thanks to Vireo Science New York





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