Can Vaping Cause Something As Serious As Cancer?

Vaping Guru
Jun. 27, 2017
by Vaping Guru

Growing popularity of vaping

CDC reported that over 9 million of adult Americans vape regularly. What makes vaping so appealing is the abundance of various aromas and flavors added to the entire plant mixture. Vaping is also considered to be far less harmful than conventional cigarette smoking, mostly due to significantly lower nicotine (and tar) percent which have tremendously negative impact on lungs and airways.

vaping and lung cancer

While cigarettes contain almost 4000 different chemicals, vape merch manufacturers create their products out of active plant ingredients, aromas, and flavorings, heated without residual combustion.

Given its popularity, vaping is the subject of many disputes, studies and conclusions. In this post, we will tackle one of the most crucial vaping related questions, which is:

Can vaping cause cancer?

Some relate vaping to serious health problems such as popcorn lungs and cancer that are spreading even among young people nowadays. Cancer (malignancy) represents abnormal growth of cells induced by a DNA mutation. These mutations occur due to various chemical, physical and biological factors. Is the risk of developing malignant tumor greater among vapers? Here are some studies that investigate whether there is significant correlation between cancer and vaping.

Vaping cannot cause cancer

Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians reported that e-cigarettes are no less but 95% safer than ordinary cigarettes. Dr. Lion Shahab from the UCL was leading a study which went a step further from the mentioned statement. His research subjects were around average 17 months e-cigarette users and traditional cigarette users. The outcome showed 97% lower presence of a lung-cancer-promoting chemical called NNAL in e-cigarette users.

British American Tobacco (BAT) researchers used a particular test to measure the potential of e-cigarette vapor and the potential of cigarette smoke to induce cancer development. The study found that e-cigarette vapors do not promote cancer cells growth, while cigarette smoke does.

Vaping can cause cancer

If the subheading statement is true, then nicotine is mostly to blame. It increases heartbeat rate and blood pressure, interrupts oxygen transmission through the body and decreases insulin level. Some e-cigarette manufacturers produce lower or zero level nicotine models which leaves you with the possibility of choice. By choosing the e-juice, you have to make sure that the nicotine level of your vapor meets both your preference and condition. You can choose preferred nicotine level at Vimana juice bar.

According to the American Urological Association (AUA) studies, e-cigarettes may be linked with a higher bladder cancer risk. Namely, 92% of examined e-cigarette smokers showed the presence of carcinogenic substances in their urine.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut used an interesting approach to test the effect of e-cigarettes on human DNA with the help of a 3D printed device which replicates how the body metabolizes certain chemicals and detects DNA damage. The result of the study suggests that e-cigarettes may be equally dangerous as traditional cigarettes and cause DNA damage which is in some cases a precursor to cancer development.

New York University researchers also decided to investigate potential cancerous effect of vaping.  They wanted to see if there is any connection between DNA damage in the bladder lining and use of e-cigarettes. The result was deeply worrying – vape does affect the DNA and promotes tumor development. Not only this, but DNA repair mechanism also suffers, and the outcome is a higher mutation rate.

Is Vaping Falsely Demonized?

It is important to know that not all vaporizers are the same. Vaping enjoyers should always choose devices with lower risk of emitting toxic vapes. Vapers with two coils are less toxic than those with one coil because toxic chemicals emission rate is significantly higher in single-coil vaporizer. More about coils, you can read here.

The reality is that only a few studies are examining what exactly e-cigarette users are exposed to in every-day life. Scientists are conducting different experiments to find the answer to this question, and we hope that the proper scientific information will be adequately spread.





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