A Brief History of the Nectar Collector

Kyle Larin
Sep. 20, 2018
by Kyle Larin

Once an underground secret sold out of the back of a truck at Burning Man, the nectar collector is now a mainstream way to enjoy smoking dabs. Ever since pro-marijuana laws have legalized THC and other cannabinoids in the United States, the wax vape pen is gaining a wider and wider customer base.

So what is it? The nectar collector is a type of wax vaporizer or wax pen. It is a device that heats up hemp concentrates into a vapor. There are different types of vaporizers or wax pens for dry herbs, concentrates, and oils. There are many vaporizers sold on our website. The Sol E Nectar Collector is Mig Vapor version, we have for sale and is specifically used for heating wax or oil.

A Brief History

The nectar collector was first discovered by a glass engineer Kristian Merwin and Jefe Zobell. Legend says these guys were basically screwing around with some items from a chemistry supply shop and had a brainchild to create this unique device. But the legend over-simplifies.

Kristian Merwin spent 18 years as a glass blower and then a few years as a high-end pipe maker. One day, a friend came around his studio with an idea for a design of a spill-proof vaporizer for hemp oil. Kristian immediately recognized that this was a unique idea.

Over the course of several months, the design was perfected into the nectar collector. Basically, Kristian began to think about how the design of a vaporizer could incorporate airflow through a water cooling chamber.

He first drew the idea, and then went into his glass blowing studio to make one. Within an hour, the first prototype was ready. As soon as he tried it out, he knew he had something really special. It was a really nice hit.

Nowadays there are several different types of nectar collectors on the market. The original nectar collector retains its distinctive glass design and is completely handmade.


New variations of the nectar collector are manufactured and electronic. Yet they retain the basic features of the original nectar collector, which is a vertical design that allows you to control your intake more precisely and more portability than similar rigs. The tips can be ceramic, quartz or titanium. The distinctive feature of the Sol E Nectar Collector is a quartz atomizer that offers a clean and pure taste. It allows for a really controlled, clean hit.

Once you try out this design, you will become a follower. It is that good.

The unique elements of a nectar collector are a straw, tip, and dish. The straw distributes the heat from the dab so that it cools down on the way up. The ceramic or quartz coil heads touch the dab after its heated. The dish is where you put your dabs.


The method

There is a method to perfecting smoking your dabs. If you don’t inhale at the right time, there is a chance that you will just burn the dabs and lose the hit. Don’t do that. Follow these instructions.

1. Put your concentrate into the dish.

2. Now you are ready to dab or dip. The tip of the straw heats within seconds of starting it up.

3. Now before you take a hit, you have to allow the pen to cool a little. What “a little” is, is a matter of experience. You basically have to try this out until you get the perfect hit.

4. Next, you will dip your straw tip into the oil or wax. Don’t leave the tip in the concentrate. You are dipping. When you dip the tip, be sure to inhale on the other end of the straw. Otherwise, the dabs will just burn off and you will be left hanging.

What’s the difference?

With a traditional vaporizer, you put an amount of oil and drop this onto the hot part. With nectar collector, you bring the hot part to your concentrate. This creates a really smooth hit and also doesn’t waste your product. You are not vaporizing the entire oil or wax, but just touching it with the tip.

Nectar collectors are on multiple evolutions. Many companies are working on perfecting the design with small improvements. Since the first versions, they have made many changes to the design. For example, the first versions were held together with glue. We think that the design is pretty perfect these days.

The original versions of were handmade and sold from the back of a van at Burning Man. Now the manufactured products have worldwide distribution with a lot of research and development behind it. You will really like our product, as its considered one of the best wax pens out there. So don’t be afraid to try it out.





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