Apps for Vaping

Matt Wallace
Jul. 19, 2018
by Matt Wallace

apps for vaping

Ever wish you could estimate how many more sessions you have left with your current e-juice levels, or need a handy Ohm’s Law calculator when building your first MOD? Like most everything in life, there is an app for that. We have compiled our favorite vaping apps, so you can preview and download the most helpful ones for you.


Vape Tool—This app really has it all. In addition to an Ohm’s Law calculator, it also offers recipes for making your own e-juice blends and lists the minimum resistances and maximum vape current for each 18650 battery currently on the market. If you like experimenting with different coil setups, this app will show you the wattage sweet spot, so you don’t under-adjust or over-adjust your temperature. The free version contains ads, and the $3.49 version expands on the functions while providing ad-free usage. Find it on Android here.


E-Smoker Calculator—If you are trying to quit smoking for good and only vape, this app will help keep you on track. Not only does it break down the cost-savings between smoking and vaping, but it will help you keep track of your purchases and let you know how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked in a period of time. You can customize the calculations based on currency and the purchase price of your go-to brand. Help yourself make the switch with this free Android app here.


Vape Boss—This app is 50% vaper social media and 50% vape information resource. A few of the features include finding a vape shop in your area, rating your favorite vape products, access to information on thousands of vape products, connecting with other vapers, and managing your e-juice inventory. The best part is, this app is free for both Android and iOS.


Vape News Galore—Keep up with all of the changes and new laws related to vaping with this handy app. Features also include detailed vaping guides, vape podcasts, and vape recipes for beginners and veterans alike. Find it free for Android here.

Vape temp tool—For those who enjoy the herbal variety of vape product, use this app to set the perfect temperature every time. Discover ideal temperatures based on target remedies and type of product used. Find it for free on Android here. Don’t forget to pick up a temperature-controlled herbal vaporizer as well to set those temps just right.





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