Altria Closing Green Smoke and Mark Ten. What Now?

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Dec. 10, 2018
by Vaping Guru
altria closes green smoke and mark ten to pursue juul vapor share

Altria has announced that it will be shutting down Green Smoke and Mark Ten e-cigarettes. The giant tobacco company has also announced that it will be seeking to buy an interest in JUUL Vapor. The reason is simple. It all boils down to money and market share.

JUUL has experienced a 941% in the last year. The company has quickly gained 75% of the market share of retail sales of electronic cigarettes. The high nicotine JUUL devices have proven extremely popular. But the FDA has come down on JUUL because of its popularity among teens. Altria has expertise in navigating regulatory matters and will be able to offer that expertise to JUUL.

Altria is desperate to regain market share. They have determined that cigarette style electronic cigarettes are not worth their time. We saw the same thing last month when JUUL suddenly shut down V2 cigs. The cold hard reality is that the large corporate interests that are involved in vaping are not interested in the electronic cigarette customers they have. Instead, they are pursuing the biggest piece of pie that they can. As a result, current Green Smoke and Mark Ten customers will be left out in the cold.

Why Green Smoke Is Closing

When the vaping industry first began, big business stayed away. Vaping was propelled by independent American businesses. And then adult tobacco consumers discovered that they loved to vape! Once vaping started growing exponentially and cigarette sales began falling, then Big Tobacco came knocking. One of the e-cigarette brands that was purchased by a Big Tobacco company was Green Smoke.

Green Smoke made a cigarette style electronic cigarette, also known as an analog style or cigalike. The beauty of a cigalike is that it is simple to use and maintains a look and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette. As vaping technology advanced, many vapers opted for sophisticated sub ohm vaping devices. Cigalikes fell in popularity. Consequently, very few companies invested in innovating cigalike style products.

The problem is that there is a large number of adult vapers, especially in the 45 and older age group, that prefer cigalikes. They like the simplicity and familiarity. Unfortunately, for the vapers who like cigalikes, the fact of the matter is that big business does not consider them to be significant enough in number to bother with. These are decisions made in boardrooms with shareholders. Individual customer service is an afterthought. Green Smoke customers just aren’t a big enough piece of a multi-billion dollar pie to worry about.

Where Can Mark Ten and Green Smoke Customers Buy E-cigs Now?

Mark Ten and Green Smoke customers will no longer be able to buy e-cigs, batteries, kits or cartridges. Those products will be gone. Customers of the Green Smoke and Mark Ten email lists can also expect to be encouraged to buy another Altria product. Once Altria has a piece of JUUL, they will likely promote that device or the IQOS heat not burn cigarettes. In any case, customers will no longer be able to buy Green Smoke or Mark 10 e-cigs.

Mark Ten and Green Smoke replacements are available. Customers can still buy cigalikes and continue to enjoy vaping. Mig Vapor offers e-cig kits that are compatible to Green Smoke. Better yet, Mig Vapor is not going to leave customers out in the cold.

Mig Vapor Is An Independent American Business

When big business gets involved, everything’s always about the numbers and the shareholders. That is not the case at Mig Vapor. We are not viciously pursuing 75% market share no matter how many loyal customers we trample to get there. Because our focus is on the customers that we have. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mig Vapor was founded by Dray Morman, a former smoker and lifelong entrepreneur. Dray’s first entrepreneurial enterprise was selling mattresses outside of a Wal-Mart location. In fact, he was personally given permission by Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton. Dray never forgot what Sam Walton told him years ago. Mr. Walton told Dray he could sell mattresses outside his store but if he ever made a customer mad, the deal would be off. That lesson is the driving principle of Mig Vapor.

At Mig Vapor, there are no shareholders to answer to. Furthermore, nor is there a corporate overlord behind the scenes calling the shots. The only relationship that matters at Mig Vapor is with the customers. And to make customers happy, we focus on the quality of the products and customer service. Moreover, we serve every style of vaper and we value every style of vaper equally.

Mig Vapor E-Cigarette Kits

Mig Vapor does not take a backseat to anyone when it comes to innovative vapor technology. We offer advanced sub ohm mods to cutting edge vaporizers. And while our competitors are using the same cigalikes that they sold in 2012, Mig Vapor has invested in advancing cigalike technology. For example, we use redesigned atomizers in our e-cig refill cartridges. Plus our batteries are designed to deliver a consistent voltage output for more consistent vaping.

We invested in the cigarette style e-cigarette when no one else was. We never take any customer for granted and are always moving the ball forward in quality and technology. We are confident that we make the best cigarette style starter kits and refill cartridges in the business.

In fact, we offer e-cig starter kits that are similar to Green Smoke. Therefore if you like cigarette style e-cigs, you don’t have to switch to a new, complicated device. Nor do you have to switch to a trendy, high nicotine product. You can continue to vape with the type of e-cig you prefer with Mig Vapor. On top of that, you can get the newest e-cig cartridge atomizer technology in every Mig Vapor e-cig cartridge.

Green Smoke Essential Kit and the Mig Cig Basic E-cig Starter Kit



The Green Smoke Essentials kit came with:

  • 1 x Green Smoke battery
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x cartridge

The Mig Cig Basic E-cig Starter Kit comes with

  • 1 x Mig battery
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 5 x cartridges

The Mig Vapor Mig Cig Basic e-cig kit is similar to the Green Smoke Essentials kit except that it comes with more cartridges. Frankly, it does not make much sense to sell a kit with one cartridge. Five cartridges gives a customer an opportunity to truly test out a product. And with Mig Vapor e-cig kits you can choose from ten different flavors and five nicotine levels.

Mig Vapor e-cigs come in a variety of colors. In addition, customers can choose either automatic or manual batteries. The manual batteries are button activated. The automatic batteries are automatically activated when you take a puff.


Learn More About The Mig Vapor Basic E-cig Starter Kit


Green Smoke Pro Kit and Mig Cig Standard Plus Kit



The Green Smoke Pro Kit was Green Smoke’s largest vape kit. The kit came with:

  • 3 x Green Smoke batteries
  • 12 x Green Smoke cartridges
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x wall charger
  • 1 x car charger

The Mig Cig Standard Plus kit comes with:

  • 2 x Mig Batteries
  • 1 x Mig Super Power Battery
  • 10 x Mig Vapor cartridges
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x wall charger
  • 1 x car charger
  • 1 x e-cig carry case

By the way, Mig Vapor batteries are top of the line. The efficiency and consistency are precisely controlled by a sophisticated micro processor. Also, Mig Super Power batteries are larger and have more capacity. The Standard Plus e-cig kit comes with everything you need and then some. Plus a carry case for travel and storage.


Learn More About The Mig Cig Standard Plus Kit


While these Green Smoke replacement e-cig kits are both excellent options, Mig Vapor has a range of e-cig starter kits to choose from.


See More E-cig Starter Kits Here


Green Smoke Cartridge Flavors and Mig Vapor Cartridges


Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges came in three flavors:

  • Green Smoke Signature Red (a strong tobacco flavor)
  • Classic (regular tobacco flavor)
  • Menthol Ice (menthol tobacco flavor)

While Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges were available in three flavors, Mig Vapor offers ten different flavors. That includes Green Smoke compatible flavors.

  • Mig Vapor Red Zeppelin (similar to Green Smoke Signature Red)
  • Mig Vapor Sahara Classic (similar to Green Smoke Classic)
  • Mig Vapor Menthol Cool Blast (similar to Green Smoke Menthol)

In addition to these three Green Smoke compatible flavors, Mig Vapor also offers:

  • Grape e-cig flavor
  • Green Tea e-cig flavor
  • Blueberry e-cig flavor
  • Columbian Coffee e-cig flavor
  • Vanilla e-cig flavor
  • Green Apple e-cig flavor
  • Miami Mango and Strawberry e juice flavor
  • Miami Blast Mango-strawberry freeze ejuice flavor


Check Out Mig Vapor Refill Cartridges Here


For adult tobacco consumers who want the simplicity of a cigarette style e-cigarette, rest assured that you can stick with what you like. Mig Vapor’s starter kits and refill cartridges are second to none. Green Smoke and Mark ten customers can also buy blank cartridges from Mig Vapor. With blank cartridges, you can use any e-liquid flavor. And we are going to be here for you. Big Tobacco does not own Mig vapor. To us, every customer matters and we are not going anywhere.





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