The Advantages of Non-Nicotine Vape Juice

Matt Wallace
Sep. 3, 2018
by Matt Wallace

non nicotine vape juice

At first, it may seem like vaping without nicotine is pointless. The whole point of smoking and/or vaping is to feel the effects of nicotine, right? Actually, many vapers use no-nicotine e-juice when they vape, and there are some surprising advantages for doing so. Take a look at the most popular reasons that people vape without nicotine below.


Quitting a Nicotine Addiction


Obviously, one of the biggest reasons why people pick up vaping is because they are trying to either quit smoking or find a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. The science has shown for years how terrible smoking is for the body, but people keep doing it because the nicotine addiction is overwhelmingly powerful. Vaping gives users the ability to decrease their nicotine levels gradually over time to eventually quit nicotine altogether without the use of ineffective patches or gum. Even if a former smoker reduces all the way down to 0 nicotine e-juice, the physical compulsion to smoke may still be there. So, some former smokers use no-nicotine e-juice to keep themselves away from the addiction, but still satisfy their urge to smoke.


Trick Vaping


Some vapers still enjoy the effects of nicotine but may use no-nicotine e-juice with their MODs to make blowing trick clouds much easier. Plus, some tricks take a lot of practice, and users want to be careful about how much nicotine they consume while practicing their tricks. The safest way to practice is by using no-nicotine e-juice.


Social Vaping


Another reason why someone may choose no-nicotine e-juice is because they enjoy the social aspect of vaping but want to stay away from the addictive properties of nicotine. The population with the highest percentage of 0 nicotine e-juice users are teens. While some worry vaping is a gateway to cigarettes for teens, the trends actually show that teens are vaping more for social reasons over chasing a nicotine high, with 75% electing to use 0 nicotine e-juice. Although vaping in general is still illegal for anyone under 18, the stats on teen smoking and teen vaping are interesting to follow.


Flavor Enjoyment


Lastly, a small percentage of vapers may just enjoy the variety of flavors contained in e-juice. Some flavors may also satisfy sugary cravings, such as cheesecake or cinnamon rolls, without the user consuming all of the calories that come with it. This can be helpful for those trying to cut down on sugar or on a diet.

While the majority of vapers are still vaping with nicotine, many shops are noticing a shift in their sales of high and low nicotine concentrated e-juices. Consumers are buying fewer high concentrated e-juice in favor of lower concentrations. This may be evidence that vaping really is helping people wean from their nicotine addictions, or it may stem from the fact that vaporizers are efficient devices and users are finding they don’t need a high concentration to feel satisfied. Whatever the case, it will be fascinating to watch how the trends in vaping continue to evolve over time.





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