A Vaping Battle: Atomizers vs. Cartomizers

Matt Wallace
Aug. 30, 2015
by Matt Wallace

A vs C

Frankly, it is an almost impossible battle to choose a winner between the atomizer and the cartomizer. This is because each serves a very distinct function and very particular needs for e-cigarette users. What we’re here to explore is a comparison between the functions, merits and drawbacks of using cartomizers versus atomizers as your primary electronic vaping device.

The Atomizer

Atomizers have existed since electronic vaping was first created. An e-cigarette that uses both cartridge and an atomizer is called a ‘three-piece model’. The coil rests above a wicking and cup material and is commonly shielded with a screen trap that carries fluid into the cartridge. Regular resistance atomizers are frequently included with your typical e-cigarette kit. Low resistance atomizers supply warmer vapor while conserving energy, while high resistance rigs are built to withstand higher voltages.

Cartridges are designed to fit on or in the atomizer, with respect to the style of the e-cigarette. A porous material that provides the liquid is usually held by the cartridge, although numerous new e-cigarette cartridges rely on a tiny hole to allow the exact amount of liquid to reach the atomizer.

The Cartomizer

A cartomizer is essentially a cartridge and an atomizer joined into one unit. A vape that uses a cartomizer is called a ‘two piece model’. Wherever the heating element is found in a vape cartomizer, air flow is allowed through a middle tube, which allows the fluid to be vaped.

Cartomizers have become available for nearly every style of electronic vaping. Cartomizers come prefilled in an extensive assortment of flavors along with empty versions meant to be filled with any e-liquid.

Cartomizers offer a completely consistent flavor until empty and hold a little more liquid than your conventional e-cigarette cartridge. It can be quickly refilled in a myriad of ways, including directly dripping fluid right onto the filler. Some designs require a syringe and do not use filler.

The Choice

Deciding whether to use cartomizers or atomizers is exactly like selecting a flavor palate for e-liquid, it’s a highly-personal decision is entirely dictated by your personal preferences. The great thing is that virtually all examples of either alternative work considerably well and there is no rule that says that you can’t use both atomizers and cartomizers on a daily basis. Nevertheless, there are plenty of great options for making your electronic cigarette experience more suitable for you.





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