A Quick Mig Cigs Vaping Checklist

Matt Wallace
Apr. 28, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Here’s a quick vaping checklist to ensure that you understand how to use your new vaping device from Mig Cigs if you’re new to the vaping world.

  • Turning The Vaporizer On/Off

If you take the time to turn OFF your vaporizer, it will not produce vapor. Note: Not all vaporizers have an on/off switch. Most manual vaporizers require you to hold the button for anywhere between 3-5 seconds.

  • Figure Out How to Make Vapor

Normally, there are two ways for you to create vapor with your vaporizer. With some vaping devices, all you need to do’s inhale. Others require you to press a button while taking a pull. The units that utilize this approach are typically of better quality.

  • Turn Down The Heat

As some vaporizers or MODS have variable settings, it’s best to decrease the volts or wattage on your device to the lowest temp to start. As you proceed on to vape, slowly begin to adjust the temperature in order to get a personalized level of flavor and the right amount of vapor.

  • Fill Your Tank

Make sure to fill your tank with e-liquid before beginning, and check to make sure your device has sufficient e-juice. If everything in your device isn’t correctly saturated, you might end up causing damage to the the vaping unit.

Have any more suggestions to add? Let us know!





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