5 Unexpected Benefits of Vaping

Matt Wallace
Jun. 29, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Everyone who makes the transition from smoking to vaping understands the health benefits (some have not been fully proven yet). There are other reasons why vaping’s a good choice. Here are 5 benefits of vaping that no one really understands until the switch is made.

Unexpected Benefit #1: Fewer Expenses
Cigarettes and cigars are becoming extremely expensive. In the New England states for example, the local taxes on cigarettes have turned tobacco into a rich man’s item. In some places, it’s now common to find packs of cigarettes that cost over $12 each. Vaping kits cost less now than some cartons of cigarettes, and provide much more enjoyment. Combined with the ability to create the same feelings, vaping has become more of an obvious economic choice than traditional cigarettes.

Unexpected Benefit #2: Community Support
The popularity of vaping has increased exponentially worldwide. People who choose to use vaping products have much better success of finding others who enjoy the same products, than those who continue to smoke. There’s a broader and more solid community of people vaping than ever before. It’s very encouraging to find people everywhere who understand the reasons why their fellow vapers choose to use certain products. There’s more encouraging support everywhere for the vaping lifestyle.

Unexpected Benefit #3: No Tar Stains
A few months into vaping will eliminate aesthetic marks like tar stains on the lips and fingers. These stains aren’t usually identified as an issue until they’re gone. Dark marks on the lips and fingertips always signal to other people that a person’s a smoker. Vaping’s a clean activity that allows a person to present themselves in a confident and stain-free manner.

Unexpected Benefit #4: Enhanced Overall Feelings
Like other proven health-fortifying choices, vaping will make a person feel better in many ways. These changes are impossible to experience without switching to this lifestyle. Everything from posture and hand motions, to uninhibited smiling are enjoyed by people who shift from heavy smoke to vaping. Each person will experience positive changes in their attitudes in social situations, and intimate physiological changes over time. It’s an incredible tool indeed.

Unexpected Benefit #5: The Cleanliness That’s Next To Godliness
There’s no easy way to say it, but smokers leave a trail. Ash residue and odors follow smokers like they were born with these traits. Vapers have the amazing opportunity to leave behind the stigma and guilt of habitual “dirtiness.” There are noted instances of car fires being ignited from the flicking of ashes from traditional cigarettes and cigars. Vaping eliminates the stress and worry brought about by the need for an ashtray, or a powerful air deodorizer. Along with an easy mode of enjoying a favorite activity (water particles), vapers never have to worry about the mess they’ve caused.

So there you have it. Let us know your thoughts on these benefits or if there are any others ones you know of.





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