3 E-Cig Flavor Components

Matt Wallace
Apr. 11, 2015
by Matt Wallace


To have a better idea of the contrast in e-juice flavors from Mig Cigs, you have to understand what makes up the electronic cigarette flavorings to begin with. The ingredients are a fusion of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), natural & artificial flavors, and nicotine.

The Base Ingredients

These foundational ingredients that make up the liquid that becomes vapor are generally VG, PG, and distilled water. Vegetable glycerin’s a natural product that’s safe. Propylene glycol’s a product that’s affixed into numerous foods, skin care products, and medications. The FDA deems propylene glycol safe for consumption.


This is what gives the vaping device its rush. It’s an extremely effective stimulant. By vaping the nicotine, you’re getting the nicotine you crave without the disgusting odors and smoke that comes from the use of tobacco. The nicotine’s commonly procured from tobacco, but other plants have nicotine in them too. In fact, 66 other familiar plants have nicotine in them as well. Common foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers all have tiny amounts of nicotine, as well.


The flavoring may be naturally transpiring flavors or from FDA sanctioned artificial flavors. Flavors such as vanilla and vanillin, are derived from natural origins such as vanilla beans, or in the case of vanillin, wood. Both have the same flavor and the same chemistry. Artificial flavors are those prepared in a lab that replicate the flavor or taste very comparable to them. These artificial flavors come from additives that’ve been approved for use in foods by the FDA. It’s interesting to note that with complex flavors, such as chocolate cherry, require a mixture of ingredients to get the right flavor.

We hope this brief breakdown gives you a better understanding of the 3 flavor components in your e-liquids.





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