What is Vaping? Myths and Facts About Vaping

Many consider vaping as the biggest breakthrough in the history of tobacco harm reduction. Invented as an alternative to smoking, vaping tries to offer the smokers their nicotine fix without the 4000 chemicals, tar, and countless carcinogens found in tobacco. Vaping Definition: The process of ...
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Jul. 15, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Vapor Cigarettes vs. Nicotine Lozenges — an Ultimate Comparison

Disclaimer: This article is provided as an information resource only and should not be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Vapor Cigarettes are not a smoking cessation product and have not been tested as such. Statements made here have not been evaluated by the US Food ...
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Jul. 12, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Will FDA Decimate the Vapor Industry?

  E-cigarettes are being highly condemned in the US, however, in the UK they’re believed to be the first real glimmer of hope in decades for smokers to say goodbye to their lethal addiction. Taking the exact opposite stance to what most American politicians, public health officials ...
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Jun. 10, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Vaping and Parenting Guide – Does Your Kid Use E-Cigs?

Being a parent is a huge blessing, but it’s also a huge responsibility. One of your key responsibilities as a parent is to keep your children healthy, and away from tobacco, drugs, and other harmful addictions. But raising kids isn’t easy... When they come, the package doesn’t include any ...
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Jun. 1, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Switch To Vaping Says Royal College Of Physicians

The prestigious Royal College Of Physicians in the UK is calling on smokers to switch to vaping. Citing the mounting scientific data that is showing us over and over again that vaping is safer than smoking, the College published a report indicating that the benefits of electronic cigarettes far ...
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May. 6, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Vapers and Pets — Safety Tips for Smokers and Vapers who Care about Their Pets

If you ever read the labels on your e-juices, they clearly state: “keep away from children and pets”. This is because most e-juices contain nicotine, which, if consumed, can be extremely dangerous for kids as well as pets. One British vaper learned it the hard way a couple years ago. According ...
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Apr. 18, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Cloud Chasing 101 – Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Chasing

Here’s the news: vaping has pretty much become a sport, and it’s called “cloud chasing”.
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Apr. 13, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Vapes for Veterans – War Against Tobacco and Marijuana Smoking

Protecting the nation and striving for peace around the globe, the US military is always fighting one battle or another. On top of that, there is a parallel war going on, and it’s against tobacco addiction among the veterans. It not only takes a toll on their health, but also costs the ...
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Apr. 7, 2016
by Vaping Guru

An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm Vaping Explained in ABC Simple Steps Sub-ohm vaping, or simply sub-ohming, has virtually become the holy grail for cloud chasers. However, there are still several misconceptions about it because of insufficient information. Many new and even intermediate vapers don’t know exactly what is ...
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Apr. 5, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Stop Burning Your Wicks and Coils

Exhaustion of wicks and coils faster than you should is a problem that many vapers experience, especially, newbies. To understand how you can avoid burning your wicks and coils, you've to find and then learn the root cause of this problem. With that said, here are some of the major cause of ...
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Dec. 10, 2015
by MigVapor




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