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A new peanut butter punch for adults. Mig Vapor Peanut Butter E-Juice is the smooth, nutty stick to the palette vape that you are going to love. You know you want to try it! So, by all means, go nuts!

So, ready to go nuts? Mig Vapor Peanut Butter E-Juice is creamy smooth and delightfully nutty and it all adds up to a very richly flavored and full-bodied vaping sensation unlike anything that you have ever tried before. You know how peanut butter has that wee bit of sweetness that makes it just that much more irresistible? Yah, no worries, you will find that touch of sweet in Mig Vapor’s Peanut Butter E-Juice, too!


The best part of vaping Mig vapor Peanut Butter vape juice is the vapor. Our flavors are spot on but our vapor is off the charts. We use only the best ingredients because we want you to enjoy the best vapor. What you will get is a thoroughly dense fog of vapor that is truly satisfying. You choose the PG/VG blend as well as your ideal nicotine level and we will make it fresh and send it to your doorstep right away. It’s that easy.

Peanut Butter E-Juice

Is it hard to make a peanut butter e-juice? Well, the answer to that question all comes down to a couple of things. First, having the requisite inspiration. No all nuts are the same. Some are salty, some are spicy, some are stale, some have shells, and some nuts work here at Mig Vapor! Just kidding on the last one. Seriously, getting the flavor of nuts into an e-juice is really easy. But here’s where inspiration comes into the picture.


At Mig Vapor we are not interested in making any old peanut butter e-juice. The only acceptable outcome is making the best peanut butter e-juice. To do that, the inspiration that drives us is capturing the genuine flavor of fresh roasted nuts. Next, we move forward into seizing the flavor of newly churned creamy peanut butter. We did not stop until we had the perfect creamy, smooth peanut butter e-juice flavor because we expect nothing less and neither should you.


After inspiration comes the meticulous, around the clock work of blending it all together using only the best vape juice ingredients in the industry. There are no corners cut and while we do work around the clock, nothing is ever rushed. We are fast but uncompromising when it comes to any single aspect of quality.


So when you vape Mig Vapor Peanut Butter E-Juice, you will notice the difference.

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    Please, please keep making this!

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    A little sweet

    It tastes more like peanut butter cookies than plain peanut butter. Not quite what I was hoping for, but I love peanut butter cookies, so it worked out.

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    I love it

    The best

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    more like roasted nuts

    This e liquid is not like peanut butter as much as it is like roasted peanuts. It still tastes good. The flavor does not come out very much in above ohm vaping, which I tried first. I probably would not buy it again only because it is not usable in any device. If there was an option for half stars I would have given it a 3 1/2 as it is still on target for being peanut. It doesn't gunk up the coil either. It does not taste phony. It tastes authentic on the inhale and exhale.

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