Dragon Fruit Melon

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This is two types of sweet with a belt of refreshing. Mig Vapor Dragon Fruit Melon E-Juice combines the mild forbidden sweetness of dragon fruit with the refreshing sweetness of melon.

Dragon fruit, also called pitaya

They grow on a cactus and they appear like something otherworldly. The fruit has a similar flavor to a kiwi, with a mild sweetness. We have unlocked this forbidden fruit and combined the flavor with the refreshing sweetness, but not too sweet, of a refreshing melon. The result is Mig Vapor’s Dragon Fruit Melon E-Juice.


You like sweet, but not too sweet, right? A lot of us fall into this category. But you still want a refreshing, fulfilling vaping experience. Dragon Fruit Melon e-liquid has that perfect blend of sweetness and refreshing without overdoing it. The vaping is phenomenal! Dragon fruit lovers, you have found your perfect e-liquid. Choose your PG / VG blend and nicotine strength level.