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Whoever first had the idea of deep frying a circle of pastry dough and then covering it with something sweet is a genius! Mig Vapor Doughnut E-Juice combines doughnut delicious with incredible vaping.
My new favorite
i realy enjoy the doughnut
i realy enjoy the doughnut flavor. if you like delicious doughnuts like I do, this is the one.

Yes, there is a best doughnut e-liquid

and better yet it is brilliant! Almost as brilliant as whoever made the first doughnut. Now that person should get a Nobel Prize or something. Doughnuts are a delicious treat for all of us, not just the police. Sorry, had to throw in that cliche, I mean doughnut cop jokes are timeless. Anyway, Mig Vapor Doughnut E-Juice is a tasty doughnut jackpot of vaping spectacularity.


Spectacularity, that’s the word here! The flavor sensation of a fresh from the fryer doughnut covered in sweet glaze perfectly captured and injected into our trademark vapor satisfaction. Does it get any better? All the pleasure of doughnut flavor but without the calories! Better yet, you get to enjoy this flavor while experiencing vaping at its very best. Best of all, you are not smoking. Enjoy Mig Vapor Doughnut E-Liquid in your choice of VG/PG ratio and nicotine strength.