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Refresh with a classic cola e-liquid flavor! We have coaxed the perfect cola flavor and infused into our impeccable e-liquid blends. Mig Vapor Cola E-Juice is destined to be a classic.
Very good taste
Top notch vape gives nice clouds with either the sr72 tank or the Stinger tank
My favorite flavor by far!
My favorite flavor by far!

The Kola nut comes straight from the tropical rainforests of Africa.

For generations now the flavor of the kola nut has defined the most popular beverage of our lifetimes. Cola soft drinks are served everywhere! The crisp, sweet refreshing sensation of a cold cola of a hot day is something that is universally enjoyed. Mig Vapor Cola E-Juice seizes the refreshing cola flavor and infuses that flavor into a magnificent, enjoyable vape..


Many others have tried to create a cola e-liquid but have missed the mark. Our competitors cola ejuices tend to be sweet and sticky, inconsistent and actually not really anything like cola at all. It almost tastes like their cola e-juice was made in a garage somewhere. That is probably how many of them are made actually. That’s not how we do things. Our e-liquid is perfected in a state of the art lab where we use only the very best ingredients. When we set out to create a cola e-liquid, we were not going to settle for good enough. We would not stop until we had the best cola e-juice period, end of story. Well, we did it! This is the cola e-liquid flavor that you have been looking for.