Coco Chocolate

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A mild and melty milk chocolate e-liquid for the smooth sweet vapor the chocolate enthusiasts have been looking for. Mig Vapor Coco Puff Chocolate E-Juice in your choice of VG/PG ratio and nicotine strength. Great to add as your chocolata mix in the Vape Juice Bar.

Mig Vapor Coco Puff Chocolate E-Juice

captures that mild, melty chocolate flavor at just the right pitch. It is not the overpowering taste of chocolate that comes off as too bitter or too sweet. Instead it is the classic, familiar milk chocolate taste that is so well known and loved. Like all Mig Vapor E-Liquids, you will enjoy amazing, rich vapor that hits the spot every time. Perfectly blended fresh USA made vape juice from our state of the art lab facility.


Many people love vaping Mig Vapor Coco Puff Chocolate by itself. In addition, it is one of the most popular flavors that our customers like to blend with fruit or coffee flavors using our custom Vimanna Vape Bar. Chocolate has the gift of tasting great on its own or combined with some of your other favorite flavors.