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This is a textbook team effort! Blueberries and pomegranates have teamed up to add some serious pizzazz to your vaping enjoyment. Mig Vapor Blueberry - Pom E-Liquid is a delightful duet always in harmony.

When blueberries and pomegranates teamed up ...

the result could only be described as a cool sizzle! We are talking about a zesty combination here. First, you have the sweetness and fullness of a fresh blueberry flavor. Next, you have the tangy and juicy characteristics of ripe pomegranate seeds. Top that off with the truly satisfying richness of Mig Vapor’s e-juice, you have some knock your socks off vaping going on.


Blueberry and pomegranate e-liquid. Brilliant! Our flavor artists have done it again. You know, they work in a state of the art lab and they are top calibre professionals who know what they are doing and on top of that, they really know how to blend spectacular e-juice recipes. Mig Vapor E-Juice is known for note-perfect vape juice with clouds of full-bodied vapor but more than that, our flavors are off the charts awesome. Choose your VG/PG ratio and nicotine level and we will send you your perfect, fresh blend of Blueberry - Pom E-Liquid. Bring of the cool sizzle of blueberries and pomegranates!