Belgian Waffle

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Since arriving on our shores in 1962, Belgian waffles have become flavor favorite. Rich and light, enjoy that breakfast baked to perfection flavor all day long with Mig Vapor’s Belgian Waffle E-Juice.
So much like a waffle
I thought how can vaping taste like Belgian waffles. I love Belgian waffles and consider myself somewhat of an expert! I don't know how but Mig vapor's Belgian waffle e-liquid really does taste like awesome Belgian wafffles. Like the kind I make at home. It's crazy. The vapor is also awesome. So much vapor and the flavor is consistent.

Belgian Waffle introduced to the USA in 1962

Let’s jump into our time machine for a minute and leap back to Seattle in 1962. An interesting thing happened at the Century 21 Exposition. Belgian waffles were introduced to North America and breakfast has never been the same since! Rich, light and tantalizingly sweet, Belgian waffles have become a morning flavor sensation. Well now you can enjoy that classic breakfast flavor all day long with the most amazing Belgian waffle e-liquid. The 21st century is here.


Mig Vapor belgian Waffle E-Liquid can be enjoyed by vapers everywhere and for all styles of vaping. Use the 50 / 50 blend for you favorite mod. You can also use the 50 / 50 in our Mig Vapor blank refill cartridges for those of you who prefer cigarette style vaping. For the cloud chasers out there, Belgian Waffle VG e-liquid will have you making massive and delicious clouds. Choose your blend and nicotine level.