Banana Hammock

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The best banana flavored e-liquid on the planet! Mig Vapor’s Banana Hammock E-Juice goes full-tropical with just the right hint of sweetness. Choose a 50/50 or high VG blend.
Fresh Bananas...
...From the produce stand or from Mig Vapor... Enjoy!
Really smooth flavor, flavor is not harsh and smells really nice.

Why do we like bananas so much? Because they have …. a peel! Thank you we’re here all week! Seriously, the flavor of bananas is unique and truly appealing. The tropical fruit evokes images or tropical beaches and sweet treats. You can almost hear the sound of the waves crashing on the beach as you lay in your hammock taking in the moments without a care in the world. Mig Vapor has captured that experience with the blending of the best banana flavored e-liquid in the world.


Mig Vapor Banana Hammock E-Juice brings out the best of the full on tropical sensation of the most flavorful bananas picked at the peak of ripeness. We throw in a touch of sweetness to bring it all together. Like all of our e-liquid recipes, our state of the art lab sets the standard for quality and the end result is the vaping experience that you have been looking for. Knock-out flavors and amazing vapor. Choose either a 50 / 50 blend for mouth to lung vaping or a high VG blend for your subohm vape mod. Relax, kick back and enjoy the best banana flavored e-liquid, Banana Hammock!