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Don’t let a busted tank leave you vapeless! What can you do? Vape bands can protect your tank from accidental drops and daily wear and tear.


Vape Bands Save Tanks



Mig Vapor Vape bands are hot! They add a sense of style to your vape tank and can even change up the entire look of your vape mod and tank. Mig Vapor vape bands come in a variety of colors to suit your own personal sense of style. Of course a vape band is about more than just looks alone. There is a very practical application that could save you money and help you avoid the hassle of dealing with a broken vape tank.


Have you ever dropped your ecig and had the glass tank break? Don’t worry, it has happened to most of us! Most vape tanks are made of Pyrex glass, plastics or in some cases quartz glass. Plastic tanks do not work for VG vape juice so glass is the way to go. But, glass is not invincible! A drop of a few inches can lead to a broken glass tank and cause you a major headache.


When your vape tank breaks, you are going to need a new one and until you do get a new one, you won’t be able to vape. That simply sucks! Unless you have a backup vape with you at the time, you are going to be vapeless. Don’t be vapeless!


Do You Need A Vape Band?



So, do you live in a bubble? Probably not, right? Chances are you have a busy life and are on the go. Life is not like the movies and there is no script. You never know where the day will take you or what is going to be around the next corner. Stuff happens. Life can be rough and tumble. We carry our vapes in our pockets, set them in the cup holder in the car, leave them on a desk at work and the list goes on. Chances are at some point your vape is going to take a tumble! Protect it.


Are you a mechanic or do you work in construction? Those are just two examples of jobs that take place in an industrial setting where the work environment can be a little rough and unpredictable. Just like you might wear a work helmut on the job site, give your vape tank a helmet, too! Vape bands are not only stylish vape accessories, but also very practical. While your hands can grow calluses, your vape tank cannot. Vape bands put a layer of protection between the glass tank and the  unpredictabilities of the real world.


While it is true that those of us who work in a more industrial setting are likely to put our vape mods through more wear and tear, working in an office is no guarantee of insulation from a dropped mod. You know, you have your vape sitting on your desk and someone always wants to pick it up and look at it. Or, someone bumps your desk and over the edge it goes. The point is that everyone could use a vape band. Think of it as an insurance policy for your glass vape tank. An insurance policy that costs less than a buck by the way so this goes into the “no brainer” category!



Placing Vape Bands On Your Tank

The best thing about vape bands is that the rubberized material is a natural shock absorber. Most often, it is not the impact of a drop that breaks the glass but rather the shock. The shock will crack the tank as opposed to shattering it but a cracked tank is still a busted tank and a useless one. Placing the vape band toward the center gives you very good shock absorption. We suggest toward the center with perhaps an inclination toward the top of the tank as opposed to the bottom.


The ideal positioning of a vape band on your vape tanks would be near the center toward the top. When you drop your vape, the top of the tank is a premier candidate to be the point of impact when your mod hits the ground. This is especially true for a box mods. The tank protrudes from the body of the mod and is likely to be exposed to an impact. The bottom section of the tank is usually more narrow than the width of the mod so as a result the bottom of the tank is not directly exposed to an impact.


On a cylindrical vape mod like the Morpheus sub ohm mod, the diameter of the tank matches the diameter of the mod. As a result, in a drop the impact point could be either the top or the bottom. If you drop it and it lands flush on its side, the shock will be the main problem. So more toward the center should be the best spot to absorb the shock and protect the most vulnerable points of a glass cylinder.


To be sure, you may want to have two vape bands to double up on protection. Mix and match colors and enjoy improved protection from drops and accidents. Mig Vapor vape bands are the perfect way to protect your tank and to protect you from being vapeless with a busted tank! And, you are going to look good!

Keep away from children and pets. Chocking hazard  

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    Great bands!!

    The rainbow bands are really cool!! They fit on my morpheous perfectly.

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    works great

    love the look and feel

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    Exactly what I needed so my tank wouldn’t crack. They probably could be a little cheaper but well worth it.

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    Thank you for the good products you sell at great prices. I am 1 happy customer!

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    Honestly so worth the dollar. Transforms the look of my sub herb. V chill

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