Unicorn Bottle | Child Proof Top | 30 ML

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Mig Vapor’s Unicorn E-Juice Bottle is child proof and secure. The needle tip is perfect for top fill tanks and dripping. This ultra-portable vape juice bottle holds 30 ml of e-liquid. Pocket portable and no leaks!
Very easy to use
Very easy to use
great travel item
great travel item

Mig Vapor’s Unicorn e-juice bottle is an essential vaping accessory for serious vapers.

Keep your vape juice safe and secure in this child-proof and leak proof bottle. Unicorn e-juice bottle have a needle tip reminiscent of the horn of the mythical unicorn. The needle tip is perfect for vape tanks that have small juice ports. Some of the vape tank juice ports, especially some of the top fill vape tanks, are small and it can be hard to direct your e-liquid into the tank without making a mess. Well, eliminate the mess with a Mig vapor Unicorn E-Juice bottle.


For drippers, the unicorn bottle needle tip lets you accurately place drop of vape juice exactly where you want them to go. Mig Vapor Unicorn e-juice bottles allow you precision control of where your e-juice goes. They contain 30 ml of juice and they look fantastic! Do it yourselfers may also want to check out our DIY e-juice bottles. Mig Vapor has all of your vaping supplies and accessories. Don’t forget to sign up for our rewards program and earn points with every purchase.


Refillable E-Juice Bottles

With Mig Vapor Unicorn refillable e-juice bottles you can refill this safe, secure and convenient bottle again and again and again. Made for ultimate portability and security, Unicorn e-juice bottles are hugely popular with vaping enthusiasts everywhere. Unicorn bottles can be hard to find so you have come to the right place!


Unicorn refillable e-juice bottles from Mig Vapor are top quality. You may find other ones on auction sites for dirt cheap but most of those are made with low grade plastics that leach, most are not childproof which can be dangerous, and most of them leak. If you are carrying e-juice in your pocket the last thing that you want is a leak! So stick with quality. Mig Vapor Unicorn e-juice bottles are the best quality so don’t settle for less when you can have the best.


Unicorn bottles can be carried in pockets, cupholders and are very portable and convenient. They are very easy to refill. This is one e-liquid vaping accessory that will totally enhance your vaping.



Keep away from children and pets. Chocking hazard