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One of the world’s most popular flavors brought to life with the gentle flavor of the finest green tea leaves perfectly steeped in the custom of ancient tradition. Mig Vapor Green Tea E-juice is a must.
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Green Tea juice
Really smooth, and just the right flavor of green tea

Some 4,000 years ago during the reign of Chinese Emperor Shennong, a mythical sage known as the Divine Farmer,

the best green tea leaves were cultivated and brewed for the first time. The Emperor’s wisdom and traditions are strong with us to this day, four millennia later. Since then, green tea has become a worldwide favorite. The silky smooth and pleasant flavor has been in demand for 4,000 years and Mig Vapor has met this demand by providing discerning vapers the ability to enjoy the best green tea e-liquid flavor thanks to our Mig Vapor Green Tea E-juice.


Available in a 50/50 - VG/PG blend and in five nicotine levels, Mig Vapor Green Tea E-Juice is seriously smooth and the green tea flavor is the perfect note consistent with brews in the ancient traditions derived from only the best green tea leaves. The vapor is amazingly enjoyable and reminds you of calm, relaxing evening sipping hot green tea. A beautiful and gentle vape with appeal across the board from beginners to advanced users. Try it with your advanced mod, ecig refill cartridges or our famous Mig 21 Clear Fusion tanks. This flavor satisfies with a sweetness that is noticeable but not overbearing. In one word it is " smooth". This mix is a delicate balance of smooth tea with a mix of tea and herbs, other secret ingredients. The flavor is crisp , yet contains mild, wonderful after tones as you exhale.

This Juice is made by Dekang under strict supervision of Mig Vapor. If you want our USA Flavors click here to purchase in the Vapor Bar

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