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Looking for a sweet and juicy grape flavor e-liquid? Cool, you can relax now because you just found it! Mig Vapor Grape E-Juice has delightful juicy flavor of delicious grapes. Available in a 50 / 50 PG/VG blend.
Grape Flavor E Liquid
Grape Flavor E Liquid is excellent.

Grapes are the partiers of the fruit family.

 * Note* This pre bottled version is being discontinued as you may now make it fresh at our e liquid mix your own page.*

Grapes are just so much fun! They hang out in bunches, they can become raisins or wine, they are perfect finger food size. Grapes are just a good time and we all know it! You know when you bite into a grape the juicy flavor just explodes into your mouth blasting your taste buds with dazzling grape flavor. Guess what vapers, we have the absolute juiciest grape flavored e-liquid. Yup, Mig Vapor Grape E-Juice perfectly captures the tongue tingling explosive grape flavor.


What makes the best grape flavor e-liquid? Well, our inspiration comes from the best grapes, picked at the peak of ripeness when they are rich with juicy flavor. That was our target and our flavor creators nailed it, folks. Bang on! So, we figured out the best grape flavor formula but that is only part of what makes Mig Vapor Grape E-Juice the best grape e-liquid. The rest of the equation is the amazing, rich and oh so fulfilling vapor that you get from Mig Vapor e-liquids. So, if you want to enjoy vaping the best grape e-juice, get your Mig Vapor Grape E-Juice now!

Made exclusively for Mig By Dekang ,under strict supervision.

This Juice is made by Dekang under strict supervision of Mig Vapor. If you want our USA Grape Crush click here to purchase in the Vapor Bar