Colombian Coffee

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Mig Vapor Colombian Coffee E-Juice is the best coffee flavored e-liquid inspired by the world’s best coffee from the mountain slopes of Columbia. Enjoy the aromatic flavor and rich vapor.

Best Colombian Coffee

 * Note this flavor is now available in the e juice bar, so we will no longer sell this pre-packaged bottle*


Mig Vapor Colombian Coffee E-Juice flavor is a mix of South American Coffee beans and cappuccino. What a great morning experience! This flavor has tones that only Juan Valdez could describe.The boldness in your mouth bursting with the aroma of fresh ground coffee, giving this E-Juice a south American royalty worthy flavor. Its appeal is across the board from beginners to advanced users, this flavor satisfies, but not overbearing. The best coffee flavored e-liquid hands down.


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In one word it is " smooth, delicious, crisp and eye opening" ( ok 6 words). The flavor is crisp , yet contains mild, tasty aftertones as you exhale. A great aroma of fine coffee beans that were picked at the dawn of a fine crisp dew laden morning and packed on a donkey. Now that’s poetic! Next to water, it is perhaps the most popular beverage in history. Of course there are tons of coffee flavored e-liquid choices but don’t settle for less than the best. Try Mig Vapor Colombian Coffee E-juice.



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