Colombian Coffee

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Mig Vapor Colombian Coffee E-Juice is the best coffee flavored e-liquid inspired by the world’s best coffee from the mountain slopes of Columbia. Enjoy the aromatic flavor and rich vapor.
Great coffee flavor!
New to Mig Vapor and very pleased with my purchase. Will order again.
Colombian Coffee
I have tried other coffee flavors from other companies....this is my favorite.

Best Colombian Coffee

 * Note this flavor is now available in the e juice bar, so we will no longer sell this pre-packaged bottle*


Mig Vapor Colombian Coffee E-Juice flavor is a mix of South American Coffee beans and cappuccino. What a great morning experience! This flavor has tones that only Juan Valdez could describe.The boldness in your mouth bursting with the aroma of fresh ground coffee, giving this E-Juice a south American royalty worthy flavor. Its appeal is across the board from beginners to advanced users, this flavor satisfies, but not overbearing. The best coffee flavored e-liquid hands down.


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In one word it is " smooth, delicious, crisp and eye opening" ( ok 6 words). The flavor is crisp , yet contains mild, tasty aftertones as you exhale. A great aroma of fine coffee beans that were picked at the dawn of a fine crisp dew laden morning and packed on a donkey. Now that’s poetic! Next to water, it is perhaps the most popular beverage in history. Of course there are tons of coffee flavored e-liquid choices but don’t settle for less than the best. Try Mig Vapor Colombian Coffee E-juice.



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This Juice is made by Dekang under strict supervision of Mig Vapor. If you want our USA Vanilla click here to purchase in the Vapor Bar