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Mig Vapor’s Blueberry E-Juice is a perfect marriage of fresh picked blueberries and a traditional tobacco taste. Many have called it the best blueberry e-liquid. We could not agree more!
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This juice is straight up amazing, thats all I have to say.

 * Note* We will discontinue this pre bottled blueberry as it is available in the vape juice bar. Just go and make it fresh to order.*

Mig Vapor's blueberry vapor E-Juice flavor

will remind you of the those warm mornings at your grandmother's house picking and enjoying ripe, fresh delicious blueberries. This flavor has tones that only Ernest Hemingway could properly describe. Just like many Mig Vapor flavors, our best blueberry E-Juice has an award winning quality flavor which enlightens all types of e-cigarette users from beginners to advanced.

If you are lloking for a custom Blueberry you can find it here Vimanna Blueberry




The unique balance of smooth tobacco and American blueberries elicits an incredible smoothness with mild, faint blueberry aftertones as you exhale. The striking flavor and rich vapor will add exponentially to your vaping enjoyment. It comes down to this. Do you love blueberries? Mig Vapor Blueberry E-Juice is just what you have been looking for.


Mig Vapor E-Juices should be kept out of reach of children and pets.


This Juice is made by Dekang under strict supervision of Mig Vapor. If you want our USA Blueberry click here to purchase in the Vapor Bar